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Bob Reif Named One Of The Most Influential People in Sports Marketing by SBJ

Within 50 days of joining Huizenga, Reif sold naming rights for the Dolphins' stadium (then named for the team's former owner Joe Robbie) to Pro Player, for $50 million. They formed Front Row Communications to represent Huizenga's sports entities and bought SportsChannel Florida.

Bob Reif sold more than $250 million worth of sponsorships for teams and the stadiums in South Florida

Reif pioneered the selling of sponsorship bundles across teams, venues and broadcast properties. The venues include Pro Player Stadium, Homestead-Miami Speedway, Miami Arena and National Car Rental Center. Reif also secured sponsorships for Huizenga's TV station

Bob Reif doubles The IRL's assets in the past 17 months,with corporate sponsorship dollars exceeding $200m in 2000

"I am impressed with Bob Reif's determination, confidence and his record of achievement," said Tony George, president and CEO of the IMS and founder of the IRL "He has a strong national sports-marketing background and is excited about the growth potential of our properties, especially the Indy Racing League.

Reif sells platforms that get a 365 day team relationship

About Bob Reif

Bob Reif, President and CEO of Audible Sports Marketing, has held a number of high profile, senior marketing positions in professional sports throughout his career: EVP and CMO of the NFL Saint Louis Rams, President of Endeavor Properties Group, SVP and CMO for both the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and The IRL; Senior VP, Sales and Marketing, for the Miami Dolphins and Pro Player Stadium

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The NFL as a League, through its’ teams, execs, and  coaches 
consistentlymakes a positive impact in the community.

Bob  Reif is  part of the executive team that sets the Rams business strategy, implements plans, and oversees the day to day operations of the Rams business as a whole, and  (above) accepts the coaches award on Jeff' Fisher's behalf. He spoke at The  28th Annual Superbowl Party in Phoenix at the Science Museum on Saturday afternoon January 31st, hosted by Leigh Steinberg

Lee  thought it was important to create an award that recognized the community and charitable service that characterizes the typical lives of people involved with professional football.

Reif stressed the importance of community involvement,
focusing on the hundreds of public appearances made by Rams
 players, cheerleaders, mascot and front office staff. 

The Coaches Award was  given to Jeff Fisher, Coach of the St. Louis Rams. Fisher has given vigorous support to the Wounded Warriors Project. Honoring and providing resources to the courageous soldiers defending our freedom is the least we can do as a society. Steinberg  wrote in his blog that Fisher “has given vigorous support to the Wounded Warriors Project. Honoring and providing resources to the courageous soldiers defending our freedom is the least we can do as a society.”

“Coach Fisher & Friends” Celebrity Softball Game 
Each Rams employee performs a minimum of 60 hours of community service each year. 

“That’s who the St. Louis Rams are to us,” Reif said. “We wanted to take something that was real to us and make it real to other people and to the community. We want the city of St. Louis to know that we are genuine about what we do.”

While the Rams are a for-profit business, Reif said community involvement and charitable donations are what make businesses grow. He said the Rams actually lost money in the years following their Super Bowl appearances in 1999 and 2001 because the organization had not yet embraced the community outreach programs.

 “Our No. 1 priority is winning football games,” Reif said, adding that they also want to be profitable while continuing to build a reputation as a “great community partner.”

“If you just win football games, like when we won the Super Bowl, and don’t do (charity), you’ve got a big hole in your business,” Reif added. “We didn’t take advantage of the wave because we didn’t reinvest in the town.”

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The Ice Bucket Challenge is the gift that keeps on giving for the ALS Association. The organization raised more than $10 million on Thursday alone, it said, bringing its total haul since July 29 to $53 million. For comparison’s sake, the group raised $2.2 million during the same period last year.
The contributions, which have come from more than 1 million new donors as well as some old donors, are an enormous boon for the ALS Association, whose national office raised only $19 million in all of 2012.
Since the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral in early August, social media outlets have been crowded with videos of people dumping ice on their heads after delivering a short message explaining their support for research and treatment of Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Public figures who have taken the challenge include politicians like George W. Bush and movie stars like Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. Corporate America too has pitched in, including Rams Chief Marketing Officer, and President and CEO of Audible Sports Marketing,  Bob Reif.
Source- TIME .com 
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Plano-based Dr Pepper Snapple Group is expected to become the official soft drink partner at the 64,000-seat Edward Jones Dome, home of the St. Louis Rams.

Bob Reif, chief marketing officer for the Rams, said the “ink is not yet dry [but] obviously we believe it’s going to happen.”
He said Dr Pepper Snapple Group would be the “official carbonated soft drink provider,” which includes the “Dr Pepper family of products,” including the Dr Pepper, 7Up and Snapple lines.
It also includes Deja Blue water,  which will be re-branded in the St. Louis area to include a gold cap with the Rams’ blue colors. The package label will feature the St. Louis Arch.

“Really the cornerstone of this deal is that the Rams logos are going to be on over 5 million cans and bottles starting this fall,” Reif said. “That’s activation that our brand has not seen in a very long time.”

CBS ST LOUIS  Audio of Bob Reif Interview HERE

He declined to reveal financial terms.

This marks Dr Pepper’s second exclusive pouring rights deal in the NFL.
In April of 2012, Dr Pepper Snapple Group said it had signed a seven-year marketing agreement with the Chicago Bears to be the exclusive provider of sodas and other non-alcoholic drinks at Soldier Field.

The Rams’ deal comes with a certain level of mystery. Earlier this month the city of St. Louis said no thank you to the team owner’s request for $700 million in stadium improvements.

Published reports say the Rams now have the right to break their stadium lease and go elsewhere after the 2014 season.

We have a call in to Reif to ask about that.

By Karen Robinson-Jacobs
Dallas Morning News

The Web site  reports today that the Plano-based Dr Pepper Snapple Group is close to completing a deal that would make it the exclusive soft drink sponsor of the St. Louis Rams.
If true, the match would follow on the heels of another high-profile sponsorship deal, with da Bears of Chicago.
The Bears’ deal was the company’s first category-exclusive vending and pouring rights deal with an NFL franchise, and one of its biggest professional sports team sponsorships.
Dr Pepper is “an official beverage partner” of the Dallas Cowboys, but that is not an exclusive relationship.
Sources said the Rams deal was in its final stages last week.
Dr Pepper, the nation’s No. 3 soft drink maker, has been trying mightily to bring back “lapsed” soda drinkers. Lapsed means, for health or other reasons they’ve chosen to swear off soft drinks.

Having high profile deals in stadiums, where fans still drink soda and eat cheesy nachos, helps the company reconnect with some consumers.
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"It speaks to who they are as operators that they've demonstrated great such success. Derek and Lucas Gamlin are great partners of the Rams," says Bob Reif "Broader availability of the Sub Zero experience is great for us, and it's great for the fans. We're thrilled."
In another upgrade to the dome, Sub Zero Vodka Bar (308 North Euclid Avenue; 314-367-1200) is taking over the two bars at the 50-yard line on the club level. There's already a 75-person Sub Zero club (sold out, of course), but now anyone on that level can get "the Sub Zero experience." Reif also points out that Sub Zero Vodka Bar took care of the hospitality and catering when the Rams traveled to London last year to play the New England Patriots.

Basically, with all these facility upgrades and multi-year contracts -- not to mention the emphasis on "community investment" -- hopefully this means the Rams won't be leaving St. Louis after the 2014 season.

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After a seven-year partnership with PepsiCo., the St. Louis Rams have signed a five-year deal with Dr. Pepper Snapple that will begin this season. Dr. Pepper has similar agreements with the Chicago Bears and the Dallas Cowboys. So what exactly does this mean?

Besides the drinks changing at the Edward Jones Dome (701 Convention Plaza Street; 314-342-5201) (obviously), Rams executive vice president Bob Reif tells Gut Check that the partnership will create a lot more fan involvement in the local market. "It speaks to what we want people to know -- that there's commitment and investment going on in the community," Reif says.
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“Dynamics in the water category have changed with consumer tastes,” Rams CMO Bob Reif said. “You’ve got increased purchase without a lot of margins for big beverage companies, so they don’t give water much marketing support, which we will.”

The Rams have struck a licensing deal with AquaSky, the Chesterfield, MO water distributor to produce the team’s official bottled water this season. The product, titled “Thirst & Ten”, will debut in 16.9 ounce plastic bottles during the Rams game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday at the Edward Jones Dome. Each specially marked bottle will feature Rams colors, the team’s logo and the team URL.

Pepsi had renewed rights to soft drinks at the stadium, which they've held since 2007, but were unable to reach a deal that included water. It will still be featured prominently along the sidelines along with Gatorade as a major league sponsor. Though neither AquaSky or the Rams have fully discussed the deal, it is believed to be one of the first times an NFL team has picked up licensed intellectual property in the form of a beverage.

The water will sell for 50 cents less than the Pepsi backed Aquafina, but can only be sold within a 75-mile radius of St. Louis because it is a local deal. It will be available on shelves in Schnuck’s supermarkets and Mobil On the Run convenience stores.
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“The Rams Broadcast Network has established itself as a leader in sports television programming and we’re thrilled that Rams fans throughout the Midwest will have an opportunity to watch Rams preseason games across the Rams Television Network of affiliates,” said Bob Reif, Rams Executive Vice President of Marketing & Sales/Chief Revenue Officer.

For the fourth-consecutive year, KTVI-TV Channel 2 St. Louis will serve as the flagship station of the Rams’ preseason broadcasts. KTVI will air each of the Rams’ four preseason contests, beginning with the August 12 preseason opener versus the Indianapolis Colts, which will be available in high-definition.

“We are thrilled to continue a great association with the St. Louis Rams,” said Spencer Koch, President and General Manager for FOX 2 and KPLR 11. “As always, ‘The Home of the Rams’ will continue to provide the best coverage for the fans.”

In addition, the Rams Broadcast Network will broadcast the team’s preseason contests on 12 affiliate stations whose signal covers nine states. Fans in parts of Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Tennessee and Arkansas will have access to Rams preseason games this season.

Below are the RBN affiliates that will air the Rams’ preseason games:

KTVI-Fox 2 St. Louis
KRBK-Fox Springfield
KMIZ-KQFX Columbia
KFVS-FOX Cape Girardeau, Missouri/Paducah, Kentucky
KFJX-Fox 14 Joplin, Missouri/Pittsburgh, Kansas
KYOU-FOX Ottumwa, Iowa/Kirksville, Missouri

WBUI-CW Springfield
WAOE Peoria/Bloomington
KHQA-ABC Quincy/Hannibal, Missouri/Keokuk,Iowa

WTVW-ABC Evansville

KOKH-Fox Oklahoma City
KWTV-CBS Oklahoma City

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“If Kevlar can stop a bullet, it can damn sure stop a blitz.”

A paradigm shift in player safety is occurring :UNEQUAL® Technologies, the leading provider of athletic protection gear fused with patented military-grade composites, today announced a new partnership with the NFL’s St. Louis Rams.

 Rams players will be ‘armored-up’ with the full suite of Unequal’s EXO Skeleton® products, including girdles, rib protectors, Footbeds®, and CRT(TM) – supplemental helmet protective pads, and insoles.

“Player safety is of paramount importance to the Rams and Unequal is integral to that initiative by providing us with the most advanced protection for our players,” said Rams Chief Revenue Officer Bob Reif. “Our focus is to prevent injuries through innovative techniques, training and Unequal equipment. We’re proud to be the first team to partner with Unequal to safeguard all of our players with this game changing technology. And it helps that the players love it.”

“We are thrilled to partner with the St. Louis Rams on their upcoming season,” said Unequal CEO Rob Vito. “They share our credo: be proactive rather than reactive to injury. Steve Young, an NFL Legend, said it best, ‘It would have been better if the players were wearing Unequal before they got injured.’ We applaud the Rams for being so progressive by equipping all of their players with Unequal as a preventive measure. This helps mitigate injury and keep their first string playing longer, stronger and safer. And healthier players should result in more wins.

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Bob Reif talks about making the
 in-stadium experience more attractive to fans.
What do teams have to do to make the in-stadium experience more attractive to fans? For the St. Louis Rams, it means trying everything from video games to personal services, says CMO Bob Reif in this one-minute chat. Bob Reif in this one-minute chat
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The 96th Indianapolis 500- the best way to convert money into noise---was fast paced with lots of lead changes and drivers dabbling  in and out of  the boundaries  of disaster. There’s no secret to ovals. You just press the accelerator to the floor and steer left. The drivers  who think the brakes are for stopping usually don't win. As Mario Andretti said, "“If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.”

Bob Reif  And Ed Reif
These open wheel drivers are like fighter pilots, flying in a gymnasium. The crashes fans  remember, but drivers remember the near misses, but nobody remembers who finished second but the guy who finished second. For the record, New Zealand's Scott Dixon was runner-up this time.

The weather was hot in America's Midwest after an emotional tribute to last year's winner  Dan Wheldon, the popular Englishman whose  thrill of speed overcame the fear of death  and in fact, actually died horrific crash in Las Vegas in October.

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The St. Louis Rams  hit Boone Valley Golf Club
 for a 1st place tournament benefiting the March of Dimes

The  contingent was led by Head Coach Jeff Fisher, Chief Marketing Officer Bob Reif, Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff, and select Rams Players.

The annual event is expected to raise over $150,000 to help March of Dimes efforts to give all babies a chance to be born healthy.
Each foursome in the Challenge for Champions will have a member of the Rams family participating. The team’s contingent was led by Head Coach Jeff Fisher, Chief Marketing Officer Bob Reif, Chief  Operating Officer Kevin Demoff, and select Rams Players. Foursomes will draft their favorite player or coach to their team by making bids on prior to the tournament.
The tournament is sanctioned by the Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association. It began  with a shotgun start at 10:30 am, and featured “longest drive” and “closest to the pin” competitions. The event concluded with a live auction featuring unique auction items..
The Challenge for Champions is co-chaired by Bob O’Loughlin, Chairman and CEO of Lodging Hospitality Management and Kevin Demoff, executive vice president of football operations/chief operating officer of the St. Louis Rams.
Sponsors include the St. Louis Rams, Lodging Hospitality Management, Purina PetCare, and Centric Group. Additional companies participating in the tournament include Express Scripts, Cassidy Turley, Husch Blackwell, Enterprise Bank, HM Capital Management, and Missouri Athletic Club.          
March of Dimes invests more than $3 million annually in Missouri for research and programs to help moms have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies.
About March of Dimes
The March of Dimes is the leading nonprofit organization for pregnancy and baby health.  With chapters nationwide and its premier event, March for Babies, the March of Dimes works to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.  For the latest resources and information, visit or  For Missouri news, visit
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